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Created by Peter Wieland
(peter.wieland(at)dnv.com) .
Copyleft under the terms of The GNU General Public License.


Location: ./PW_Tools/PWA/Input/ (Example)

The ":" separated ASCII-text contains for each defined activity the following fields


PSG-1-16:A:1999-02-15:PWi,2;EWe,0:DNV provides name for potential contact person for Odfjell:

Field explanation:

ref a reference (often from MOM) must be unique and convertable to a filename)
flag either "A" for active or "C" for closed
due_date in the format yyyy-mm-dd
responsibility_list a ";"-separated list of responsible people in the format "ABr,state" where
ABr : is the unique identified for each person taken from contacts.csv
state : is "0" for to-do and "2" for done (overdue comes up automatically)
text the text of the activity
comment a possible comment


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