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Created by Peter Wieland
(peter.wieland(at)dnv.com) .
Copyleft under the terms of The GNU General Public License.


Location: ./PW_Tools/PWA/Input/ (Example)

The ";" separated file (can be edited using Excel) contains for each participating individual the following fields:

Email;AutEmail;FAX;Password; As many other optional fields as you want

+ 47 67 57 87 08;peter.wieland(at)dnv.com;x;+ 47 67 57 75 20;secret;Det Norske Veritas;
Veritasveien 1;300;N-1322;HÝvik;
Norway;;Strategic Research;nothing

Field explanation:

code an unique identified for each person, same as in the responsibility list of . I recommend first letter of first name and the first and second letter of the last name (e.g. PWi)
first first name(s)
second last name
member a company key for reference which individuals work where (e.g. DNV), same as in COMPANY.txt
email self-explaining
autemail a non-empty field will be the flag to automatically send email with to-do list to the individuals (see PWS)
fax self-explaining
password not yet used ...
As many other optional fields as you want The user is free to specify additional fields like company address, mobile phone number, etc. The fields will only be included in the profiles for individual project members (one file per person like ./PW_Tools/PWA/Profiles/<personal_key>.html where personal_key comes from contacts.csv
(example). The labels of these optional fields are taken from the first line of this file.


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