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Created by Peter Wieland
(peter.wieland(at)dnv.com) .
Copyleft under the terms of The GNU General Public License.

Identification system for documents issued

All documents issued shall be identified by a reference code consisting of the format shown below:


in which

a-bc are numerical digits that identify the Work Element,
X is a document type code defined below,
defg-hi are numerical digits showing year and sequential numbering
k is a revision number.

Work Element Codes (a-bc) shall be built up such that the first digit (a) defines the Work Package:

0 Administration
1 WP 1
2 WP 2
3 WP 3
4 WP 4
5 WP 5
7 TC

The remaining digits (bc) shall be the digits of the Task number as specified in the Project Proposal.

00 Administration
11 Task 1.1
12 Task 1.2

The following document type codes (X) shall be used:

CNotice of Completion of Deliverable
DTechnical Report issued as Deliverable
L Letter
OOther management documents
PWork Package Quarterly Progress Report
SSlides, presentations
WTechnical Document issued as result of a Work Element
XPeriodic Progress Report
YCost Statement Report
ZPublic Annual Report

Other document type codes may be established in consultation with the Project Manager.

Sequential numbers (defg-hi) shall begin with the year (e.g. 1999) followed by two digits, 01 for the first document of this type issued for this Task in the year concerned, and so on.

The Revision Number (k) shall be zero for first issue of the document, thereafter 1, 2 and so on.


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