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Created by Peter Wieland
(peter.wieland(at)dnv.com) .
Copyleft under the terms of The GNU General Public License.

Input directory

Location: ./PW_Tools/PWB/Input/ (Example)

It can contain as many *.url files and subdirectories as wanted. Each file is used to create a equivalent bookmark or bookmark folder. The filename is used as bookmark text. The reference to the bookmark is extracted from the file contents. Each *.url usually contains one line starting with the "URL"-tag. The following link is used.


The file
./PW_Tools/PWB/Input/Modelling standards/Guidelines for using XML for EDI.url

contains the line

In the created file ./PW_Tools/PWB/bookmarks.html this constellation results in a line like:

Guidelines for using XML for EDI

(linking to http://www.geocities.com/WallStreet/Floor/5815/guide.htm) under the context of Modelling standards


Microsoft uses the same file format for their Internet Explorer Favorites. The files are usually located under c:\winnt\profiles\"username"\Favorites. To use this script simply copy similar url-files in the ./PW_Tools/PWB/Input/ directory (or any subdirectory).
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