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  • In 2022, our team Eurodrive (16 people including myself as one of 4 racers) finished RAAM, a 5000 km ultracycling race across America (aka. The World's Toughest Bicycle Race)
  • A selection of bike races, which I participated in.
  • A trandem bike trip from the North Cape to Oslo ( german), together with my oldest son Nikolaus, as part of his confirmation present.
  • The Birkebeiner, a 58 km cross-country-skiing race in the Norwegian mountains and my participation ( german).
  • Den Store Styrkepr°ven (The Great Trial of Strength), a 550 km bike race from Trondheim to Oslo and my participation ( german).
  • Oslo Marathon (or Half marathon), a 42 km (resp. 21 km) run through the city of Oslo and my participation ( german).
  • Completing all three events within 12 month made me a Hardhausen in 1996 ( german).
Trekking (summer and vinter)
Recumbent bikes
Food and baverage
  • Cooking and (even better) eating good food. You can review my personal cookbook ( German, Norwegian and English).
  • Every autumn I am pressing my own apple juice ( Norwegian) which brings me through the next 10 month with delicious juice.
Music (passive)
Playing Go
  • Playing the best game I know on this globe. It's called Go
  • I helped assembling and publishing a norwegian war diary written by Erling Mossige and edited by Hanne Mossige.

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